Terrarium FAQ

The great thing about these miniature gardens under glass is that they are mostly self sufficient. As long as they are given weekly checks, they are generally OK to be left to their own devices, which makes them perfect for a busy lifestyle! Inside the glass, the terrarium creates its own atmosphere producing oxygen, water and carbon dioxide which the plants need to survive. Only if this balance is not quite right will the plants begin to suffer. Here's how to keep yours in tip top condition;

1. Place the terrarium in a position where it will receive plenty of light, but no more than 1 hour of direct sunlight per day. Any long exposure to direct sunlight will burn and eventually kill the plants inside.

2. Ensure the terrarium is not near a radiator, or any cold draught. The plants inside do not like extremes of heat or cold!

3. Each day a small amount of condensation will appear on the glass walls. This is normal and helps to keep the terrarium watered, unless it doesn't disappear after a few hours. In this case, remove the cork and allow air to circulate until there is no condensation left.

4. If you notice the plants are wilting and the soil looks overly dry, you will need to add a little water. The best way to add the extra water is with a few sprays from a water bottle or drip it in gently with a dropper. If there is any water sitting at the bottom in the gravel this is far too much so only add a little at a time. If you add too much, leave the cork out until the excess has evaporated.

5. Now and again you may wish to clean the glass walls to keep your terrarium looking fresh. Simply use long tweezers and a piece of damp lint-free cloth to gently wipe around the inside of the glass. Do not use any cleaning agents.

6. During your weekly check, remove any dead plants or shrivelled leaves. This will keep the rest of the plants within the environment happy and healthy.


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