“Plants, plants and yet more beautiful plants. 
Lovingly grown and creatively displayed within a garden setting.”

The original Urban Jungle Norfolk opened on Ringland lane, Costessey in 2001 and flourished as an exotic plant nursery with so much more to offer ever since. In 2005, we added to the already unique customer experience and opened a small self-service coffee area – now Café Jungle; a thriving 30 cover coffee shop serving a variety of home-made, local, seasonal produce.   The Café houses an enormous selection of beautiful houseplants, a growing trend that’s showing no sign of slowing. We were thrilled to open a second Urban Jungle Plant Nursery and Café in Suffolk, on 5th August 2017, offering everything Urban Jungle customers love about the Costessey location, and more.


Highs and lows…

For 17 years the Nursery has been an ongoing project, starting out as one single greenhouse, becoming the totally unique gardening experience that it is today.  

That’s not to say that there haven’t been hard times. In 2007 recession hit and was followed by extreme weather for the next 5 years resulting in a detrimental loss of stock and revenue for the Nursery.  

In 2013 things started to look up; our wonderful customers got busy spreading the word meaning that we could make vital improvements to the business and get back on our feet.  So much so that in 2015 we were able to begin our journey as a Nursery AND Café.


Urban Jungle Shelves

Looking after the environment

The Nursery and Café pride themselves on working with the environment in mind and are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.  

The Norfolk Nursery and Cafe are built almost entirely from reclaimed and up-cycled materials and use organic pesticides, and organic and free-range ingredients in the Café where possible.


Suffolk Cafe

Crossing the border

The Summer of 2017 saw Urban Jungle open the doors to its sister location, just across the border in Suffolk. The ethos and offering are the same, with Urban Jungle creating its own very unique twist in both the Nursery and Café.   You’ll find a Cactus house, and our signature Arid Tunnel dedicated to all things spiky, and inside the Café a super cosy selection of tables and sofas amongst the leaves.  

With plant propagation and simple Cafe ingredients flourishing in the field next door, Café Jungle Suffolk has become a hub of creation, with seasonal menus and specials available every day.   And, with such a fabulously creative team behind the Norfolk and Suffolk Nursery and Café, Urban Jungle has no choice but to continue to grow and evolve every day. Watch this space…