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Bat Pu

(First posted Tuesday, October 15, 2013)

Call it serendipity but as we were giving thought to a range of nature  friendly garden products for next spring, who should turn up at Urban Jungle but  the director of a new, Norwich company selling Guano. And who should that  director be but a friend from 30 years ago that we’d completely lost touch with.  We weren’t sure who was more surprised.

So how on earth does somebody from Norwich end up becoming involved in Bat Poo?  Well, whilst travelling in South East Asia last winter he was in search of  Durian, otherwise known as vomit fruit (I forgot to ask why!). When he found the  very finest Durian, he asked the grower why his fruits were so superior to the  others being offered on the island. It’s a secret ingredient that makes mine  the best Durian, came the reply. If I told you what it was it wouldn’t be a  secret would it my friend? After some gentle persuasion the grower took him to  a series of caves, each one the size of a cathedral, filled with ancient,  mineralized bat pooh, some of it over 2000 years old. A business opportunity had  just presented itself. He bought the caves!

And now he’s mining this mineralized, totally natural wonder ingredient and  exporting it to Norwich to be used as a soil enricher/plant food.

We’ll be supplying Bat Pu in 1.5 and 3 Litre containers priced at £9.99 and  £18.99 respectively. And without sounding too previous, we think a lovely tub of  poo would make unique Christmas gift for a gardening friend.

And if you’re worried about the bats, they vacated the caves over 200 years ago,  no doubt in search of a newer, fresher home.