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(All pot sizes are approximate)
Sold in 3Ltr or 2Ltr pots with a minimum of one growing point and roots.
Hedychium, Roscoea, Zingiber and Cautleya are all commonly referred to as Gingers. They have beautiful foliage and stunning flowers from mid to late season, often highly scented. Many species are extremely hardy, even surviving outdoors during winter 2010/11. They make superb conservatory plants, especially the evergreen species.
Cultural Information

  £10.99  Hedychium greenii - 2Ltr
(Ginger lily), Family Zingiberaceae, Originating from Bhutan. Showy, attention grabbing foliage; the upper leaf is glossy dark green and the undersides are a deep maroon with stems a lighter maroon.
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  £8.99  Roscoea cautleyoides 'Purple Queen' - 2Ltr
(cautleya-flowered roscoea 'Purple Queen'), AGM, Family Zingiberaceae, Originating from Sichuan and Yunnan. Tuberous perennial with long, narrow, upright, fleshy leaves clasping the stem. Purple-lilac orchid-like flowers are produced in small, terminal clusters.
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