Asparagus Setaceus FAQ

What is an Asparagus setaceus?

Asparagus setaceus (asparagus fern), is, as you would expect, in the asparagus family. Feathery foliage with occasional small white flowers followed by berries. Although it looks dainty it actually has sharp spikes! An easy plant to look after and cleans the air in your home.

How do you care for an asparagus fern?

Place in bright but indirect light.

They like to be watered so that the soil is evenly moist, however this houseplant won’t tolerate sitting in water, so make sure you drain any excess. Reduce watering slightly during the winter months. Use a spray bottle to occasionally mist the plant.

Feed with liquid fertiliser every 2-4 weeks from spring until autumn.

When re-potting, use a soil based compost like John Innes. It’s only necessary to re-pot every 3-4 years.
You can let it cascade from your mantelpiece, shelving or hanging basket, or if you prefer you can use it as a climber. Popular in bouquets.

Why is my asparagus fern turning yellow?

The answer is one of several options: Firstly, it may not be receiving enough light, so move to a brighter location. Or, you are possibly under-watering. During the summer months especially, make sure you keep it evenly moist, whilst it is actively growing. You can reduce watering slightly during winter when the growth slows.

It could also be that you are over-watering. If the pot feels especially heavy when you lift it, often when it’s been sat in water at the bottom of the pot, the leaves will turn yellow. Let it dry out and reduce your watering schedule, making sure to remove any excess water. If the fern browns and shrivels it may be getting too much direct sun