Cacti FAQ

What position should they be in?

Ideally cacti require as much light as possible, though sometimes there is no choice. You will find it more difficult to keep the plants looking good in poor light conditions.

How often should I water?

Do not be afraid of watering cacti!

Spring to Autumn (mid March-mid September)
During spring, summer and autumn, the plants will probably require watering each week, and, if your water doesn’t contain lime, overhead watering to keep them dust free will do no harm. The amount you water them will obviously depend on the position – More light = more heat = more water.

Winter watering (October- February)
As the plants will still be in a warm atmosphere during winter, they will still need some water, but probably a reduced amount, once every two weeks or so. Lithops need hardly any water in the winter.

Planted arrangements or ‘gardens’
The planted arrangements and especially the ones in terracotta bowls need special attention, as there are a variety of plants depending on a small amount of compost. They will tend to look very sorry for themselves if left to dry out too much. Ceramic will need a light watering approximately every two weeks. Terracotta will need watering more frequently, (being porous they dry out more quickly).

Clues to when cacti and planted arrangements need water:

  • Compost looks dry and plants are light when picked up
  • Compost comes away from the side of the pots
  • Plants looks ‘tired’ or ‘grey’ and can wrinkle or shrink
  • Plants can also change colour and not look fresh
  • The gravel in the planted arrangements will shrink away from the sides or sink when dry

What should I know about pests?

Mealy bug shows itself as white fluffy patches in the joints and between ribs, or sometimes in the growing point of the plant. Mealy bug can be wiped off or even washed off with a pressure water spray. You could also spray the plant with an organic soap-based insecticide (though this should be tried on a small area of the plant first).

If you have any more questions or require any advice on Cacti or any plants from Urban Jungle please Contact us.

With thanks to Pugh’s Cacti