A day at the Jungle
12 May 2015 - by Lizzy Browne

Customer sat on sofa next to plant. Drank coffee. Picked up said plant and bought it. Crafty product placement you see. Meanwhile, Jamie's been building a serving counter, Julie-Anne served in the café. Di, Emma and Jayne have been potting, watering and plant sorting. Uhi spent the whole day (again) selecting plants for orders. Malcolm was holed up in the office printing thousands of labels. Sonja and Zoe were boxing themselves in in the packaging shed. Loads of customers to assist with plant purchases. A whirlwind storm which blew a ladder off the shed roof and nearly decapitated Jamie. Every plant not tied down blown over again, for the umpteenth time over the last couple of weeks, and will need up-righting tomorrow. A staff and friends scarecrow-making competition idea being bounced around to attempt to scare away deer. Lorry of plants turns up at 6pm and needed to be unloaded. Watering still going on as I left at 7.30pm. So quite a lot going on really. We may be recruiting again. Watch this space!!

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