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05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

It’s amazing and slightly daunting to think that we could be planting out the tenders in just over a month, weather permitting. Assessing our large stock plants we were disappointed to see that our Ensete maurelliis look a bit on the mushy side and smell like fermenting hops in a brewery. Funnily enough we were taking care of a few Ensetes for Will Giles of The Exotic Garden- they were down the far end of the heated greenhouse and were fine. Just goes to show that there are even microclimates in greenhouses – or is it provenance? The Colocasias and Alocasias don’t look too sharp either but on closer inspection they were salvageable and with a surgeons skill and precision, Jamie has been cutting away the rot from each tuber, giving them a puff of Flowers of Sulphite and placing them in intensive care on a covered heated bench. Cannas and Gingers and Brugmansias look very good.
We’ve been potting our bedding plants. Bedding I hear you say – surely Urban Jungle aren’t peddling Petunias now? No. We have far more interesting plants than your typical garden centre.

We have some gorgeous  :







for foliage in our Tropical Garden.

For the Desert Bed we have :





 Of course we will have these for sale in a few weeks time as well.

As if this time of year isn’t frantic enough in any nursery, coping with the massive increase in potting, watering, customer service, deliveries and mail order, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to re-commence our market stall in Norwich city centre, 3 days a  week.

  The Nursery, being situated on a small country lane that basically leads to nowhere, means we have to do everything we possibly can to draw attention to ourselves. Over the years we’ve built up a large customer base at the nursery, but one can never rest on ones laurels, and after a break of a couple of years it seems a good time to resume this outlet.  If you are reading this (is there anyone out there?), and you are in Norwich on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, come over to the stall for some plant talk.

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