Christmas Trees
30 November 2015 - by Uhi Millington

A potted history of the origin of the Christmas tree
Did you know that evergreens symbolised the return of the sun, the triumph of life over death and everlasting life, and it was widely believed evergreens would keep away illness, evil spirits, ghosts and witches?
Throughout history trees that remained green all winter have had a special meaning. The ancient Egyptians filled their homes with palm leaves and rushes to symbolise the return of the Sun God Ra, Celts decorated their temples with evergreen boughs to symbolise everlasting life, and the Romans decorated their homes with evergreens during the Solstice to celebrate the return of Saturn, the God of Agriculture.
The tradition of bringing evergreens into the home is long and far reaching but the Christmas tree tradition we are familiar with today began in Germany during the 16th century, and was made popular in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. Today in the UK around 8 million Christmas trees are sold each year, in America this figure raises to a staggering 35 - 40 million trees!

Christmas Tree selection at Urban jungle
We have 3 varieties of Christmas trees for sale at the Urban Jungle all between 5 and 7 feet. They have been selected for their own special attributes, and each variety is quite different to the next, but all the trees have been chosen because they are not prickly and will retain their needles until, and maybe long after you have finished with them.

Nordman fir (Abies nordmanniana)
The Nordman fir is a very traditional cone shaped tree with a mild pine fragrance. It is full and fat with very densely packed branches. The needles are thick, dark green, very soft, long and super glossy with a very slightly cascading effect.
It is the smallest tree we have in stock at 5ft and ideal for either standing on the floor or raised on a stand.

Fraser  fir (Abies Fraseri)
If you don't want to compromise on height but space is a bit limited the Fraser fir is the tree for you. It is narrow and columnar, the tiers of branches are very close together and it has a strong pine fragrance. The branches slope upwards which makes it perfect for decorating.  What makes this tree really special is the two tone colours, the needles are plentiful, short, soft, slightly curled and a soft glossy green on the upper sides - but the undersides are a very festive silver!!

Noble fir (Abies procera)
If you are looking for something a bit different, then the noble fir is truly noble.  It is stately, elegant and regal. The branches are formed around the trunk in very distinct tiers of very tactile, dense, soft glaucous blue green up-curved needles, and it has a very pleasant scent.

Choosing the perfect tree
At Urban Jungle you can inspect every single tree (if you really want to)! Every tree is on display and un-netted, we will even get them out and hold them for you so you can have a good look round. With our trees you know exactly what you are getting.
When you have chosen your tree we will do the heavy work while you relax with a coffee in our warm, snug little café. We will net your tree and put it in your car for you - sorry, decorating service not included!

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Direct Link to this Comment Julie - 30 November 2015 15:23
All trees looking lovely and fresh ,hope to visit soon x

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