Erica's Exotic Adventure
05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

I visited Will Giles’ Exotic Garden on Sunday evening with my 2-year-old  grand child Erica in tow. Who ever says kids need large lawns to play on doesn’t  know what they’re talking about. What kids need, are towering, triffid-like  leaves to be dwarfed by, like Alice in Wonderland, with haughty, sleek, exotic,  Abyssinian cats lurking in the undergrowth, a feast of rainbow colours, and wind  wandering, weed-winding paths to career along, followed by, an excitingly  dangerous expedition up a series of steep stone steps, leading to a garden of  towering stone walls and deadly spiky plants. And to add to all this - a Tree  House! What a terrific and exhausting adventure. Erica loved it too.

Do you know – I forgot the camera. You can however look at pictures of  this fabulous garden on The  Exotic Garden website. My photography wouldn’t have done it justice  anyway.

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