Events at Urban Jungle
05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

Urban Jungle’s first events at the nursery were a huge success starting with  ‘Adventures in Mexico’ with Paul Spracklin, on Sunday evening.

Paul treated us to a feast of slides depicting a huge range of Agaves, Yuccas  and Nolinas that he encountered, including many unidentified species. He also  spoke about the beautiful fishing villages, the cities and the weird and  wonderful food he enjoyed and sometimes endured. In the question and answer  session Paul revealed his ‘revised’ list of hardy Agaves. I’ll be asking Paul if  he’ll send us a list of these.

Next was ‘Floral Design’ with Libby  Ferris.

Libby gathered flowers and foliage from our garden and created the most  amazing arrangements before our very eyes, using colourful flowers such as  Canna, Dahlia and Echinacea, and Phormium, Heuchera and Cordyline leaves and  even succulents. It was amazing to watch a gifted florist make such abundant  looking creations with so little material and our garden looked untouched.

At the end of the evening we raffled the goodies and look what I won! The  evening was an inspiration.

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