05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

Itís that time of year. No, Iím not talking about our sale. Iím referring to the  season of mist and mellow fruitfulness; or season of rot and putrefaction, and  harbinger of bleak, cheerless, bone-chillingly cold, gloomy, short days and long  freezing nights. My oh my. How Iím looking forward to winter. Here, itís been  cold and wet recently, which is perfect for Fungi.

Jamie took this picture this morning at the nursery. Itís our baby dinosaur  fossil sculpture surrounded by the most beautiful, curious little fungal  fruiting bodies. They appear every year on this tree stump, like old friends,  warning us that greenhouses need repairing, oil, fleece and bubble wrap need to  be ordered and space needs to be prepared for over wintering stock. Not that  weíre shifting plants into winter quarters yet. The Garden is looking amazing  and will hopefully continue for several more weeks yet, and thereís still time  for an Indian Summer you know.

However, the temperature forecast for tonight is 4 degrees in Norwich, colder  in rural areas. Ouch!
If you want to see an amazing fungi and parasite  video.......


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