Get Your Garden Summer Ready...
30 April 2018 - by Liz Browne and Uhi Millington

At Urban Jungle, we're determined that summer is finally on it's way. Nursery Manager Uhi and Owner Liz have some fabulous ideas to help you prepare...

Liz and Uhi
[Left to right] Liz Browne (Co-owner) and Uhi Millington (Nursery Manager)

1. Bringing the indoors out 
Put your cacti and succulents outside to get the most of the summer sun - June through to September. Conservatory and houseplants also love being outside in summer as much as we do, so give them a holiday in the garden too. Be careful to gradually acclimatise them to the brighter light. Succulents, surprisingly, can suffer sunburn, so cover them with fleece for their first few days outdoors. Even if you don't want to leave your houseplants outdoors all summer, try to get them outside in showery weather - it's amazing how it perks them up.

Cacti and Succulents at Urban Jungle
Cacti and Succulents at Urban Jungle

2. Plants for wildlife 
We're not the only ones missing the sun -our precious bees and butterflies rely on it. Help them out by providing Veronicastrum 'Red Arrows', Sambucas nigras 'Eva', Salvia and Hebe rakaiensis. The bees also specifically love Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlett' and Nectarscordum siculum. Butterflies in particular love Echinacea 'Hot Summer'. Echium pininnana is a total bee-magnet. Every garden, no matter how small should have a tree. Trees provide invaluable habitat for birds and other wildlife. We have a huge range of trees for any size garden. 

Sambucca nigras 'eva'

monarda cambridge scarlet

salvia hot lips
Salvia 'Hot Lips'

3. Get the wow factor 
Cannas, gingers, Dahlias and bananas all make a wonderful impact and provide a real talking point for your BBQ and summer party guests, and they carry the garden in to late summer and autumn, when other plants are fading, and the weather is often at its best. They can remain in flower right through to the first frosts, when the summer flowering perennials are but a distant memory.

Hedychium elipticum
Hedychium elipticum (Ginger Lily)

Ensete ventricosum Maurelii

4. How does the sun move around your garden? 
Think about sighting benches or chairs in sunny spots in the garden. Take note where the sun hits the garden in the morning, afternoon and evening. If you have the space, make sure you have several resting spots around the garden. Think morning coffee, lunch, dinner, and that all important place to flop in the sultry afternoon sun on dog days.

5. Evening scent
Something nice to smell while the sun goes down is always a winner. All of our varieties of Brugmansia have gorgeous heady scents, that pump up the volume in the evening. And Trachelospermum jasminoides is a wonderful hardy evergreen climber with deliciously scented white flowers. Plant it with climbing roses over an arch or pergola and you have a winning combination

Angel's Trumpet Brugmansia Suaveolens Brugmanisa

Trachelospermum jasminoides

The Nurseries are open everyday from 10am until 5pm, including evenings and bank holidays. You can also visit our online store or contact us here.
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