Hanging Baskets with a serious Jungle Twist...
05 July 2018 - by Rachel Bannon

Hanging baskets have been around for a long time. We've all grown up with them, and they're more often than not filled with bedding plants such as petunias and geraniums. However, we're raising an important question for those considering this outdoor feature in 2018 - are hanging baskets old hat?

Possibly, however we've given ours some Jungle love and are pretty sure they're good enough to bring about a revival of the nation's much loved 'suspended display'.

Let's be honest. Whatever you choose to fill your basket with, they make good sense. They add interest at eye level, they soften corners and walls, and if you're short of space, or even without a garden at all you can still add colour and vibrancy to your windows, doors or any outdoor space.

It's a no brainier, they simply needed a revamp and we've done just that.

Exotic Hanging Baskets at Urban Jungle

“This year Urban Jungle has added a unique take on the traditional hanging basket. They're brimming with a combination of tropical Begonias, trailing Ipomeas, Lotus maculatus x berthelotii 'Fire Vine', and brand new this year, Thunbergia ‘Raspberry Smoothie’. Urban Jungle’s unique take on the hanging basket will add colour and interest for months.” Propagation Manager Niamh explained,

"They’re so easy to care for too. Just water in the morning, and again in the evening. Position them in full sun and a sheltered position. Add some liquid feed every fortnight."

They'll keep going until the first frosts, so with any luck they'll just keep on getting bigger and better right through to late October, perhaps even November. 

So, whatever your thoughts on this seemly antiquated method of displaying your blooms, the vessel is genius - it's what's in it that makes or breaks your outdoor space. And, if interesting exotics are your thing, pop down to the Jungle and pick up a ready-made hanging basket with a twist.

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