05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

If I were to confess to being guilty of a deadly sin it would be Avarice.  Wrath? - I guess I sometimes get a bit miffed with the weather. Sloth? - I just  dont have the time. Pride? - Maybe a little, but Avarice would surely be my  fall from grace. Every year I lust after new and exciting plants (whoops, thats  another sin), that I simply must have/cant live without. The wanting never  stops. This year, at last, we have available one of my long coveted acquisitions  for Urban Jungle - hardy Hibiscus moscheutos. Can there be a more exotic flower  than Hibiscus? Even the name conjures up the allure of the tropics. Hibiscus  moscheutos Fireball has 30cm (yes 30cm!!!), deep red flowers with lovely, cut  leaves, growing to 1.2m. Robert Fleming is shorter growing, with dark green,  hydrangea-like leaves and black flower buds opening to huge wine red  flowers.

Kopper King has deeply cut, bronze foliage and a colossal pink flower with  wine red centre, streaking outward towards the edges of the petals. Our plants,  which we grew from babies, are just beginning to flower! The first black bud of  Robert Fleming is about to break open. Will post a picture of the flower as  soon as it does, but it wont be until we get one of those illusive, rare sunny  days. Hibiscus love a deep, fertile, moist but well-drained soil and a sunny  position in the garden and their flowers wont open on dull days.
By the way  the way, if you dont know, or have forgotten, the 7 deadly sins  are

Whats yours?

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