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05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

This is such an exhilarating time of year and it's a pleasure and a privilege to  be surrounded by such a beautiful profusion of plants at the nursery each day.  This summer Urban Jungle will be hosting several talks and demonstrations and  will be announcing more events as the calendar starts to fill up. Tickets are  available on our website.  Numbers are limited so book early.




Adventures in Mexico with Paul Spracklin
            We are absolutely  thrilled that plantsman and designer, Paul Spracklin of Oasis Designs, one of the UK's leading  authorities on exotic plants, in particular succulents, will be giving a talk on  his trips to Mexico. Lavishly illustrated, he will recount the highlights from 5  visits to northeast, central and southern Mexico, featuring some of the  incredibly varied flora encountered, but also touching upon other aspects of  this fascinating and often misrepresented country. The talk will be followed by  a question and answer session and this is a not to be missed opportunity to pick  the brains of this fount of knowledge.
            Refreshments will be  served.





Exotic Floral Design with Libby Ferris
            For those in the know  theres only one place in Norfolk for flowers. Libby Ferris  Flowers are renowned for their creative, chic and flawlessly presented  designs. We are very excited that Libby herself will be guiding us through the  nursery, harvesting exotic foliage and flowers as she meanders, followed by a  demonstration where she will assemble 6 beautiful and inspirational floral  creations, explaining the techniques she uses. Come and join us, and you will  leave eager and confident enough to try these ideas at home.
            We will hold  a mini auction for the flower arrangements at the end of the evening, with  proceeds going to Redwings Horse Sanctuary. This promises to be a lovely and  entertaining way to spend a summers evening.

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