Need more plants!
05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

Following on from the success of our Vertical Garden we decided to create  something similar for our display at the Royal Norfolk Show. We envisaged the  tiny Garden Room of a plant-mad person. I had it in my head it was a man and  didnt realize untill right at the end, when Jamie placed a pair of womens  gardening gloves in a trug, as a prop, that all the time he was presuming it to  be a ladys garden. Anyway I called it Need more plants! 
So we  made a vertical garden for a 3mx2m heated conservatory. Being a heated room, we  had an exciting range of plants to choose from, things that would never survive  outdoors in the UK such as tender Aspleniums, bromeliads, Anthuriums,  Spathyphyllum, Alocasias etc. Jamie created some wonderfully exuberant pot  displays and we even managed to cram in a little garden table and chairs. It was  incredibly hard work but such fun. We arranged, rearranged, tweaked and  titivated; cleaned, fussed and polished late into the night, until we felt we  couldnt do any more to impress the judges and we got our reward with a Gold  Medal. 
Well done to Jamie, who although convinced we hadnt allowed  ourselves enough time to pull it all together, and harped on about how proper  nurseries plan their display a year in advance and not a few days before blah  blah., made a stupendous effort and worked like a Trojan to get the show garden  completed in time, whilst coming up with some amazingly creative  ideas. 
After the show well dismantle the wall and install it at the  nursery. More on this later, but weve had such late nights and early mornings  this week and are fit to drop, so well just put some pictures on for now.

I wont be able to blog for a couple of weeks but Jamies been threatening to  blog for some time now about the construction of The Vertical Garden and also  his trip to New Zealand he has a photograph of what must be the worlds  biggest Cordyline! Pull your finger out Jamie.

A few quick shots from the nursery

Pot displays around the pay hut

Spiky, grassy things

Sensational foliage colour

Inside the main greenhouse

Early morning. More coloured foliage

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