New Vertical Garden
05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

The indoor Vertical Garden. After persistently nagging Jamie, he  finally found time to rebuild the Exotic Vertical Garden at Urban Jungle a  couple of weeks ago. This was the show garden built for the Royal Norfolk Show  at the end of June. I took a couple of photos today. I think it looks awesome.  If I had a conservatory, the walls would look like this well done Jamie  Spooner!

This particular Vertical Garden is sited in an unheated greenhouse, so well  need to build a little polytunnel over it and add some heating for winter. Some  of the plants are hopelessly tender, such as the Alocasia, and really dont  stand much chance of survival. If we can heat this small area to about 10  degrees centigrade it shouldnt break the bank, and if we circulate the air and  ventilate on mild days, I think theres a pretty good chance that the majority  of plants will come through. And if we have to replace a few, so be it. Jamies  unconvinced and thinks it will be mush by Christmas. Hell be away from the  nursery, travelling for three months this winter, and Im determined to prove  him wrong.


The outdoor Vertical Garden is looking so fulsome now, and  with leaves and bits thrusting out all over, has taken on a much more 3D  effect.

Ive had to snip back some of the plants that are behaving like  thugs though. Begonia evansiana is crowding out the much more interesting and  larger leaved Bergenia ciliata so its had a hair cut. Tradescantia (which  probably wont survive the winter) has needed to be tamed, as have the Hostas  and even the Myosotidium. The Ligularia seems to have established a root system  now and its leaves dont spend most of the day looking like limp lettuce. I  guess the real test will be if we have another heat wave (oh please). Im not  sure, if I were to make another, I would use flowering plants. As pretty as the  lilac Hosta and the yellow Crocosmia flowers are, they drop their petals onto  the leaves below, quickly decomposing, leaving ugly brown holes. Perhaps the  secret is to use the plants for their foliage effect but cut the flowers off. We  still havent installed a watering system flicking a hose over it every day  seems to give sufficient water but does leave lime marks on the leaves.

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