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The Edible Jungle; Food For Thought

15 September 2017 - Posted by Niamh Mullally, in Suffolk, NewsLetter, Norfolk, Cafe Jungle, Nursery, Propagation

Meet Niamh Mullally, bringing Grow Your Own to the Cafe Jungle kitchen door.

Niamh is our new Propagation Manager and along with running the exciting new propagation element of our business, will also be instrumental in growing the vegetables for Cafe Jungle. Niamh's garden at home is Jungle Style, and in addition to being a customer of Urban Jungle nursery in Norfolk, she has for over twenty years been a keen propagator, growing plants from seed and cuttings for her own garden.

The land at our Suffolk branch is currently being developed into a propagation headquarters for Urban Jungle nurseries in Norfolk and Suffolk. We have ambitious plans, growing many rare species of plants that will eventually expand our vast stock list for our nurseries.

I also have years (ok three) of experience, successfully growing food destined for diners plates. Working closely with chefs I've developed a deep passion and understanding of flavours and food. Unusual and heritage varieties will be grown on-site, with the emphasis on taste and freshness. The aim is flavoursome, attractive seasonal food, grown without chemicals and with no food miles involved. We hate waste, so gluts will be preserved and served all year round, to maximise the use of the harvests.

I think Urban Jungle is pretty unique, funky and colourful, so the food will reflect this. Customers can in time expect round white cucumbers, purple potatoes, yellow beans, white flat squashes, yellow mange tout and black tomatoes. Salads will be harvested daily, with interesting textures, subtle flavours and edible flowers.

This coming season Cafe Jungle customers can also enjoy the wonderful fresh flavours of home grown chard, kale, cabbage, radicchio, spinach, mustard, radishes, turnips, fennel and pea shoots.

My new blog Edible Jungle will give details of how and what we will be growing in the Suffolk Polytunnel and Kitchen Garden, a must read for any fellow edible garden enthusiasts so watch this space.

I'm not the only new team member with a passion for good food; I'll be working closely alongside our new cook, and front of house team to make sure that Cafe Jungle diners can experience something really special when they visit.

Cafe Jungle Suffolk is open every day from 10am, call 01502 559103 to book.

Niamh Mullally
Propagation Manager

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Tetrapanax 'Rex'

18 June 2015 - Posted by Lizzy Browne, in NewsLetter

Reading through a 2010 edition of the RHS Garden magazine I came across an article that said Tetrapanax wasn't hardy and could be substituted with Fatsia. This is a photo of Chris (who is normal size) undertaking a bit of gardening today under Tetrapanax 'Rex' that have been outside for a few winters including the 2010 Apocalypse. Just as well plants don't read gardening magazines.

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Echiums in flower

05 June 2015 - Posted by Lizzy Browne, in NewsLetter

Echiums in a Norwich front garden.

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A day at the Jungle

12 May 2015 - Posted by Lizzy Browne, in NewsLetter

Customer sat on sofa next to plant. Drank coffee. Picked up said plant and bought it. Crafty product placement you see. Meanwhile, Jamie's been building a serving counter, Julie-Anne served in the café. Di, Emma and Jayne have been potting, watering and plant sorting. Uhi spent the whole day (again) selecting plants for orders. Malcolm was holed up in the office printing thousands of labels. Sonja and Zoe were boxing themselves in in the packaging shed. Loads of customers to assist with plant purchases. A whirlwind storm which blew a ladder off the shed roof and nearly decapitated Jamie. Every plant not tied down blown over again, for the umpteenth time over the last couple of weeks, and will need up-righting tomorrow. A staff and friends scarecrow-making competition idea being bounced around to attempt to scare away deer. Lorry of plants turns up at 6pm and needed to be unloaded. Watering still going on as I left at 7.30pm. So quite a lot going on really. We may be recruiting again. Watch this space!!

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The new cafe

09 May 2015 - Posted by Lizzy Browne, in NewsLetter

The wind was blowing a hooley outside but it was lovely, bright and warm in the greenhouse coffee shop. These ladies spent most of the afternoon having a catch up with each other over coffee and cake.

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