October Newsletter
05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

We have home-grown pumpkins and gourds available at the nursery. 

Now  is the time to enjoy the rich tapestry of autumn colour. Our Acers are beginning  to take on tones of red, orange and yellow and the grasses have gold and copper  foliage with silvery and purple flower plumes.

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Red  Head'

Most gardeners enjoy the changes in foliage colour in autumn, but  to us exotic gardeners, this is still the season of Cannas, Gingers, Colocasias  Dahlias and Brugmansias.

Brugmanisia 'Flowerdream' & Dahlia 'Firepot'

We're enjoying our plants in their full splendour now and savouring  every moment over the next few weeks before they're prepared for  winter

Our Exotic Garden has been a great success and was featured in the  newspaper a couple of weeks ago. We'll also be opening for the National Garden  Scheme next year around the middle of September.

When we tell newcomers to this particular style of gardening that  almost every plant will be dug up for winter they hold up their hands in horror  at what they believe must be such a labour intensive garden. But it's a handful  of days to bed out at the beginning of the season, a couple of days weeding  mid-season, and a few days spent digging up the plants in November. Compare this  to a Cottage Garden with plants that require lifting and dividing in spring,  staking, hoeing, deadheading and cutting back in autumn, and I'd say there  wasn't much difference in the amount of hours between the two styles of  gardening. Exotic Bedding Gardens are simply more labour intensive at either end  of the season but it does mean more loafing time to enjoy the garden  during the season.

Time is running out to see the garden. We'll begin lifting at the  end of the month.

We have some beautiful little succulents available at  the nursery. They look great combined in pots and topped with grit. We sell them  as individuals or pre-planted in pots.

Weather Warning. Our  long range forecaster, www.weatheraction.com who this season has been over 75%  correct, is predicting a bitterly cold spell at the end of October with possible  snow in the last week for the southeast! Be prepared but enjoy the next few days  of warm sunshine.

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