Planting the Garden in Chelsea Week
06 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

(First posted Tuesday, May 20, 2014) This time last year we were shivering in the bitterly cold wind while some of our friends and fellow nursery owners were getting into a panic wondering what they�d be able to pull out of the bag for the Chelsea Flower Show. Plants were weeks behind and flowers were sparse. This year of course they face the opposite challenge. Like us the plants have enjoyed the mild winter and early warm spring and there�s been no holding them back. So much skill, knowledge and equipment is required in getting a plant to peak condition for the 21st May. Heaters and grow lights last year. Cold storage this year. Such an enormous challenge and one that we don�t feel the need to rise to at the moment.

So, 3 weeks earlier than last year, and coinciding with Chelsea week we�re planting out our tropical garden. In the baking heat we�re once again placing out hundreds of Cannas, Gingers, Dahlias and Bananas that will bulk up over the coming months before being harvested in late autumn. Fast forward 3 or 4 months, when the roses, clematis, and sweet peas of Chelsea are but a distant memory we�ll be celebrating sumptuous exotic blooms and heady scents in the mellow summer sunshine.

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