Press Release: Chloe Webb joins as Head Chef at Urban Jungle Suffolk
19 April 2018 - by Rachel Bannon

Press Release: Chloe Webb joins as Head Chef at Urban Jungle Suffolk

This week, the Cafe at Urban Jungle Suffolk welcomes Chloe Webb as Head Chef.

Chloe trained on the job in London and Essex, with a background at high profile London events and supper clubs, including Stepney City Farm’s Mexican Fiesta in East London. Chloe takes a lot of her inspiration from travelling in Mexico and Sri Lanka, and hopes to bring this to the menu in Suffolk.

Chloe and Joe Head Chef
Left Chloe Webb, Head Chef and Right, Joe Enhari, Cafe Manager

"Chloe shares our passion at Urban Jungle Suffolk, we’re extremely lucky to have her on board. She respects and cares about food, and the industry in the same way that we do. It’s only her first week but we’ve got big plans. Plans to expand and grow an already totally unique and very special dining experience in Suffolk."
Cafe Manager, Joe Enhari

Chloe has already begun to take advantage of the vegetables available onsite in the Edible Jungle, and has been fermenting red cabbage into delightfully sour and crunchy Sauerkraut - a new addition to the Mezze platter - A selection of fresh and vibrant, Middle Eastern inspired salads.

Chloe Sauerkrout
Head Chef Chloe, with her Sauerkraut

Chloe enjoyed a a successful opening night for Night Times in the Jungle on Saturday 21st April. Find out more about Saturday Nights in the Cafe here. 
Restaurant Urban Jungle Suffolk

Meet Chloe, in seven bite-size chunks...

How’s your first week been so far Chloe?
Great first day! Lots to learn from the menu, processes, and where everything is kept. It’s always hard being the ‘newby’.

What do you really love to cook at home when you have the time?
Sharing food. I’m not about fussy, fine dining. I’m into beautiful, rustic and homely food. Food that makes people happy.

What’s your ‘death-row’ meal?
It has to be a block of butter and loaf of French bread. I just couldn't justify eating an entire block of butter at any other time!

What do you love to listen to?
Rock, alternative rock, metal, as far from Ed Sheeran as possible....

What do you like to do in your spare time…?
Cook, ferment, festivals, gigs and spending lots of time cuddling my amazing cat Darius.

Guilty pleasure…?
Dawson’s Creek! I’ve just started re-watching it…. Some of the characters are pretty embarrassing.

What’re you most looking forward to within your new role at Urban Jungle Suffolk?
Getting to play with all of the amazing home grown vegetables...

The Cafe at Urban Jungle is open everyday from 10am for brunch. Lunch is served from Midday until 4pm, and the Cafe closes at 4.30. On Saturday Nights, the Cafe opens at 6pm for drinks, and serves food from 7pm. Book a table on 01502 558103 or book your table.

Find out more about Urban Jungle

Read the Night Times at Urban Jungle press release here

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Direct Link to this Comment Auntie Maria - 26 April 2018 21:42
Good luck Chloe I’m sure the restaurant will thrive with you as head chef xxx

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