PRESS RELEASE - New look leaves for the Jungle
11 August 2019 - by Rachel Bannon

UJ Rebrand 2019 Press Release - New look leaves for the Jungle

With the 20th anniversary fast approaching for Urban Jungle, we thought it was high-time we had a fresh new look. 

Urban Jungle continues to offer outstanding plants within an inspirational garden setting. But the business has evolved, and now we’re extremely proud to also offer beautiful houseplants, an incredible Cafe and event space, with workshops and gifts too, in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Our new-look is designed to showcase our vibrant surroundings, the importance of big, bold leaves and the centre of our being, the sun, without which People, Plants and Food would simply not survive. 

The brief…

Urban Jungle is growing, fast. With exceptional plants still at the core, the additional products and services the business now offers requires a fresh look that represents the pace at which Urban Jungle is moving. Something lively, exhilarating and adventurous, something that brings the Urban Jungle journey to life.  

The solution…

“Working with such a well-known local company comes with different challenges to what you might expect. Whilst a complete change was needed, we wanted to stay in touch with the previous designs to ensure continuity of the brand.

With so many companies opting for what now seems like a stock leaf effect, we wanted to push the boundaries further to place Urban Jungle above all others. The new design grows from a number of bespoke illustrations which come together to provide a jungle canopy in nearly a camo effect, but each leaf can also be used in isolation throughout future communication and design.

It was a refreshing change to have a design brief which centred around maximalist rather than the usual minimalist brief!” Stuart Flatt, Addicted Content. 

Urban Jungle Logo
Urban Jungle Logo rebrand

“The vision for Urban Jungle has always been bold, and with progressive change in recent years the future promises to bring even more adventure for our customers, and the whole Jungle team. We hope that our new look will bring a fresh, exciting energy to the Jungle, reflecting our true passion for people, plants and food. And, there are still plenty of dynamic new projects that we’re working hard on behind the scenes, such as a brand new website and team uniforms. Stay tuned!” Rachel Bannon, Marketing and Events Manager. 

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below... 

Still to come… 

Our new website project is well underway and will include some incredible new features including a new-look ‘plant finder’, making it even easier for you to pick a perfect plant for that special space. You’ll find the navigation of the shop much more user-friendly, and you’ll be able to glean inspiration from our on-site suggestions and browsing options. 

Urban Jungle Logo rebrand website concepts

The Jungle team will also benefit from a makeover with easy-to-spot uniforms, making it even easier to get straight to the expert when you’re in the Jungle. 

Did you know, from 2019, can also hire the Jungle for your own special occasion. What event space could make a more memorable occasion than the Jungle, surrounded by leaves and dramatic lighting with incredible food and drinks options for you and your guests. 

Urban Jungle Logo rebrand camo

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