Pyrotechnic Effects
05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne


Flaming foliage and a firework explosion of Cordyline australis and white berries.

Even I have to admit, winterphobe that I am, that autumn,  despite heralding the onset of my least favoured season, does have its merits.  Jamie took these beautiful pictures at the nursery, capturing the eruption of  colours these deciduous trees delight us with at Urban Jungle. Hed waited for a  windless day and just the right richness of light and snapped away, in what  turned out to be the nick of time. The following day was one of driving winds  and rain, which brought down all the leaves in one foul swoop. So that was  autumn.

The molten gold of Acer 'Villa Taranto'

Golden leaves and orange/red bark of Acer Japanese Sunriseand flaming red  foliage of Cotinus Grace

The drive into the nursery we always try to
line it with seasonal treats

I see overlooked Aeoniums lurking in the picture
(above the red Cotinus). Must bring these in to winter quarters quickly

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