05 July 2014 - by Lizzy Browne

After a truly rotten winter, the yearned for  milder weather finally seems to be here. At last its good to see familiar faces  at the nursery again, and new customers alike, after whats been a cold, and  sometimes lonely couple of months. And the clocks go forward this Saturday.  Always a cause for celebration.

We have a new website. Like clothes you can  get bored of the same attire, day in day out, so weve had a spring re-fresh.  Were also trying to blog more regularly, which is quite a challenge at this,  our busiest time of year, and were constantly updating and adding new stock to  the site.
Weve already had several deliveries from Spain and Portugal and  have a good range of superb quality palms in lots of different sizes at  unbeatable prices including Trachycarpus fortunei,

Trachycarpus wagnerianusChamaerops humulis

Butia capitata

Phoenix canariensis

and Washingtonia robusta.

Our bamboo is also excellent quality and we have  some new varieties this year such as Phyllostachys nigra 'Boryana'

with its camouflage-patterned culms, Fargesia  Vampire with culms that age to bright red and well shortly be taking delivery  of the highly desirable and illusive Chusquea culeo.
Our range of Phormiums  is very exciting this year, and includes the rare Phormium Firebird in good  specimen sizes, as well as the most choice selection of the species.

Weve enormous multi-headed Yucca aloifolia and  some beautiful specimens of Puya coerulea with large trunks. If youre worried  about hardiness, we left our Puya outdoors for the second year running with no  protection and its looking very healthy. Please dont think Urban Jungle has a  mild microclimate. We are in a dreadful frost pocket!

Our tree and shrub collection continues to  expand and we have a lovely range of Pittosporums, including some exceptional  and very unusual Pittosporum tobira standards.

Were chomping at the bit to put our huge  range of unusual homegrown ferns  

and perennials on the website but everything  this year is a little behind because of the weather. We imagine most will be  available from mid-April.
And of course well soon be adding the more exotic  perennials to the site including cannas, gingers, bananas and colocasias.  Theyre just starting to wake up: potting begins in earnest next week in plenty  of time for planting out in May (depending on weather).
Well be attending  several plant fairs this year and have joined the Norfolk Nursery Network.

This is a marketing co-operative of high  quality, independent, specialist nurseries. Details of other members' nurseries  are on our site. Even more reason for those further a field to give us a visit,  with so many other nurseries, and some pretty good gardens in the vicinity. Of  course were always happy to continue sending out plants with our courier but we  welcome your visit. (By the way - I'm not miserable in the photos - just  cold!) 


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