The Royal Norfolk Rainforest Shower
05 July 2018 - by Rachel Bannon

On the 28th and 29th June 2018, Urban Jungle unveiled a working rainforest shower at the Royal Norfolk Show.

Nursery Manager Uhi, spent 6 weeks planning and project managing the build. The materials she sourced and used were all up-cycled, borrowed, reclaimed and foraged for by the entire Jungle team. 

Read on for Uhi's explanation of the concept and ideas behind the creation. 

The Jungle Shower

The Jungle shower developed from the merging of ideas, the collection of random objects which we have collected and re-purposed and all the plants our hearts could desire. If any one is familiar with our Urban Jungle family - you will know that we are fertile ground for a crazy idea!

Firstly Urban Jungle has always sold exotic and tropical plants and more recently we have developed a keen interest in house plants. It just happens that a lot of the house plants that grow really well in our homes are the same ones or relatives of plants that can be found climbing their way up trees, or growing on the jungle floors in tropical regions and particularly in the jungles of South East Asia.

The second idea comes from the series cosy intimate room like spaces we have created using plants in our cafe so we wanted to continue the room like feel and we came up with the idea of a bathroom. Bathrooms are amazing, they create excellent growing environments, the light levels are often lower than other rooms and they got hot and steamy – perfect for your jungle plants.

Finally houseplants have immense benefits for physical and mental health, they can absorb carbon dioxide and chemical residues, they release oxygen and act as humidifiers which helps reduce viral infections, they release phytoncides which boost immunity, and the presence of plants indoors gives the perception of a richer cleaner environment.

Norfolk Show Concept Design

The concept plan and concept sketch

rainforest shower blue star fern

A blue star fern framing the shower

Full Rainforest Shower

Full vertical aspect of the rainforest shower

Rainforest shower floor

The mossy, leafy rainforest floor

Kokadama rainforest shower

Fern Kokadama keeping moist, hanging from the shower frame. Nepenthes in the background.

Rainforest shower shelves

No UJ exhibit would be complete without our signature Jungle shelves

Rainforest shower sink

Nursery Assistant Sonja kindly lent us her beautiful butler sink

foraged driftwood kokadama

Nursery Assistant Suzanne foraged for beautiful old wood every day in the forest on her way to work

gold award show garden

Our Gold Medal Award in pride of place on the stand

Let us know what you think of the stand, and if you have any ideas for next year in the comments below. 

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Direct Link to this Comment Bob Green - 09 July 2018 19:59
Great idea. It would have been used everyday in our garden these hot days we have had.
We’ve had hot tubs and plunge pools, I can’t suggest anything for next time, however I’m confident that someone in your organisation will come up with something bright for you to develope.
Well done on the GOLD award and flying the flag for exotics

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