What to do in the garden in October...
04 October 2018 - by Rachel Bannon

what to do in the garden in October

What to do in the garden this October...

Winter is looming and now's the perfect opportunity to prepare. And that's not the only reason to venture outside, there's still lots of ways to enjoy flowers and planting before the cold snap really sets in. 

Clear leaves and use for mulch
Mulch will keep the soil moist, reduce weed growth and keep the soil cool in the heat next year. Don't worry about storing this for next year, start using the leaves straight away and save yourself a lot of trouble by raking straight on to the borders. We've done this for years and by spring they've pretty much rotted in to the soil. And they help to insulate more tender perennials.

what to do in the garden in October

Prune Roses
Prune climbing and rambling roses once they've finished flowering and tie in the stems before autumn winds cause any damage. Clear up fallen rose leaves to prevent diseases such as black spot - don't compost the leaves.

prune roses in autumn

Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers
Plant trees, shrubs or perennials now and their roots can establish themselves in the still-warm soil before winter sets in, and they'll have a head start on those planted in spring. Visit our blog on Autumn Planting for more details HERE.

Plant clematis in autumn

Look after your lawn
Its your last chance to mow the lawn and tidy up any bare areas with new turf.

look after you lawn in the autumn

Harvest pumpkins!
Not that you could forget this, pumpkins are a real autumn treat and a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in as the days turn cooler. They'll brighten up your home and provide wonderful flavours for soups, pies and autumn salads. If ou're not growing them at home, we have beautiful locally grown pumpkins, all completely unique, available from the 6th October - you can even join us on 25th and 26th of October and Jazz up Your Jungle Pumpkin. Find out more HERE

Jazz up your Jungle Pumpkin Decorating Family

Plan to overwinter your tender plants
You'll need to consider which of the plants will need to be bought undercover for the winter, and which may need wrapping or digging up. It's not necessary to make a start until the first frost looms but a good idea to gather the materials you'll need and plan the space required. If you need help in preparing the garden for winter, why not join our workshop on the 28th October at Urban Jungle Norfolk. Find out more HERE.

what to do in the garden in October

Citrus Plants
Switch to a winter citrus feed. Citrus are hungry plants and benefit from feeding throughout the winter.

what to do in the garden in October

If you have any questions or need any advice get in touch with the team HERE.
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