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(Flowering Maple)
Family Malvaceae
Originating from Africa, Asia, Americas.

A recently introduced very fast-growing small tree or shrub with mid green lobed leaves up to 20cm long, and yellow, pendant, bowl-shaped flowers.
Virtually evergreen, the long, lax stems can be trained against a wall, or alternatively, given the support of a tripod of canes, will make a freestanding patio specimen. Outdoors, grow against a warm fence or wall in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Also a superb plant for a conservatory where it will flower all year round.
Abutilons respond well to pruning, in fact ruthless pruning is highly recommended and two thirds of their side shoots can be cut back in spring to restrict growth or improve shape. They are thirsty plants and if grown in pots, may wilt if under-watered, however they recover rapidly.
Commonly called 'flowering maple' due to the shape of the leaves, this showy shrub is in fact related to Hibiscus, which the exotic looking flowers clearly indicate.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 2m
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