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(Spanish cane, giant reed)
Family Poaceae
Originating from Mediterranean

From Southern Europe where it grows in ditches and on riversides, this giant of a grass is often mistaken for bamboo or even sugar-cane. Very thick, hollow, glaucous stems carrying luxuriant, long, strap-shaped leaves race skyward from March to September - up to 6m in a season. It makes an excellent, virtually evergreen windbreak.
In addition to being a superb architectural plant for the garden, Arundo has many other uses. The hollow stems are used to make wind instruments and for clarinet reeds and the fibre makes an excellent paper. The leaves can be used for basket and mat weaving. Studies are being carried out in the UK into the biomass yields of Arundo for fuel production. The rhizomes can even be dried and ground into flour for baking.
Grow in rich soil in sun/part shade. We like to cut our clumps back at the beginning of March - new growth the coming season looks immaculate.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 6m
Spread 3m
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