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(Japanese Aralia)
Family Araliaceae
Originating from South Korea and Japan

Evergreen shrub or small tree, with large, leathery, deeply lobed green leaves, with white variegation and white flowers in late autumn/winter, followed by black berries.
The variegation on 'Spider's Web' is almost pure white and varies from leaf to leaf and through the seasons. It can be speckled and dotted just around the leaf margins or filter in almost to the centre of the leaf. Some of the leaves become almost fully white or they have large, random blotches of white. Love it or hate it, Spider's Web isn't a plant you could easily become bored with. The eye-catching flowers have an otherworldly appearance with their rounded heads on large long-stalked, branched panicles. Whilst you couldn't call them pretty, they certainly do stand out on a bleak winter's day. Both leaves and flowers are excellent in arrangements and last for weeks.
Fatsia responds well to pruning - leggy plants can be chopped back to keep them bushy, or bottom leaves can be removed to create a little tree. It can also be grown as a hedge.
Fatsia is easy to grow, preferring a fertile soil in shade. It will tolerate dry shade once established, and is a good choice for a problem area. Smaller paler leaves are produced in sun.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 2.5m
Spread 2.5m
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