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(Japanese Aralia)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family Araliaceae
Originating from South Korea and Japan

Evergreen shrub or small tree, with large, leathery, deeply lobed leaves, white flowers in late autumn/winter, followed by black berries. Extremely underrated, Fatsia is a handsome and dramatic plant and has quite possibly the largest leaves of any hardy evergreen - glossy, dark green, palmate, like giant spread hands, the leaves of really healthy specimens can span over 45cm. The eye-catching flowers have an otherworldly appearance with their rounded heads on large long-stalked, branched panicles. Whilst you couldn't call them pretty, they certainly do stand out on a bleak winter's day. Both leaves and flowers are excellent in arrangements and last for weeks.
Fatsia responds well to pruning - leggy plants can be chopped back to keep them bushy, or bottom leaves can be removed to create a little tree. It can also be grown as a hedge.
Fatsia is easy to grow, preferring a fertile soil in shade. It will tolerate dry shade once established, and is a good choice for a problem area. Smaller paler leaves are produced in sun.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 4m
Spread 4m
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