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Picture By Megan Hansen via flickr

(Butterfly ginger, Queen's perfume)
Family Zingiberaceae
Originating from Nepal and India

Originating from tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Himalayas, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, where it is called Gandasuli (queen's perfume) on account of the heavily scented flowers being used to make garlands and headdresses.
Hedychium coronarium is a vigorous, clump-forming ginger of an upright habit with glossy, mid-green leaves, slightly downy on their undersides, and racemes of white, butterfly shaped flowers in late summer/autumn. Its gardenia-like fragrance will waft through the air on a warm evening and can be wonderfully intoxicating in a conservatory.
Grow in fertile, moist soil in sun/part shade and lift before the first frosts. Indoors, grow in bright filtered light. Do not allow compost to dry. Divide and re-pot regularly to maintain health and vigour.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 1.5m
Spread 1m
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