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Picture By peganum via flickr

(Sensitive fern, Bead fern)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family Onocleaceae
Originating from North America and Japan

This extremely handsome, deciduous fern, spreads rapidly from creeping rhizomes making it an excellent choice as weed-suppressing groundcover, or to stabilise a riverbank. The fronds emerge orange/pink in spring, unfolding to light green and continue to be produced throughout the summer. These fronds appear at intervals along the running rootstock, rather than in individual clumps.
Onoclea sensibilis derives its common names because a) fronds wilt at the first hint of frost, or if picked. Don't worry because its rootstock is hardy to minus 30 degrees centigrade. b) It produces upright fertile fronds, very different to the infertile green fronds that are covered in small, bead-like sori.
Grow in sun or shade in moist soil, by water or in damp woodland.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 75cm
Spread 2m
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