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(golden Chinese timber bamboo, huanggan-wubujizhu)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family Poaceae
Originating from China

(These are cut back to 2m when mail-ordered) Spectacular is a word that barely does justice to this bamboo. The shoots emerge in late spring/early summer and thrust skyward at an incredible pace. Put a measuring stick beside a culm and mark its progress each day. These are a soft, butter yellow, aging to rich gold. It produces sparse lower branches and we always snip off any that do appear.
It is vase shaped in habit. We have two specimens at the nursery, both planted in part shade. One is in rich moist soil and it romps at an astonishing pace. The other is planted on the edge of woodland, where it is lit up by late afternoon sun, in dry soil. This produces large culms but is of a very tight and compact habit. What's more we prune this plant to about 4m, with about 2m of bare culm - it is the most admired plant at the nursery.
Specimen. It is superbly architectural and colourful.
Pallet delivery, will be cut back to 2m.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 8m
Spread 3m
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