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(Japanese mock orange)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family pittosporaceae
Originating from China and Japan

A bushy, compact, evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves and scented white flowers in summer. This is one of several plants whose common name is 'mock orange', but Pittosporum is the most choice. The thick, leathery, succulent leaves are arranged in a whorl around the stems and from a distance the foliage resembles Crassula - the Money Plant. The clusters of small creamy white flowers are long lasting and heavily scented with an almost bubblegum aroma. Foliage and flowers are popular in floral arrangements.
Pittosporum tobira is fast growing and mound forming and makes a good evergreen hedge in milder areas. Lower branches can be removed to create standards and on older specimens, the criss-crossing branches give a bonsai appearance.
Grow in moist but well-drained soil in sun or shade. Leaves are larger and more lustrous in shade. In very frost prone areas grow against a warm wall.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 3m
Spread 2m
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