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(Wollemi pine)
Family Araucariaceae
Originating from Australia


The Wollemi pine, called a 'living fossil' was discovered in 1994, New South Wales, Australia. It represents the only remaining member of an ancient genus dating back to dinosaurs over 65 million years ago.
Mature specimens can have many trunks that emerge from the base. Spongy nodules cover the bark of older specimens.
Both male and female cones grow on the tree, the females ones normally in the higher branches. The male cones can be identified as they are more slender.
They prefer a sheltered position out of full sun in well-drained fertile soil. Feed with a low phosphate liquid fertiliser for optimum growth.
They can be cut down by as much as two-thirds to maintain a compact form making them ideal for pot growing.
Proven to withstand -15c.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 30m+ unpruned
Spread 3 to 6m
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