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(Red angels' trumpets)
Family Solanaceae
Originating from South America

A shrub or small tree with coarse, wavy margined leaves, producing in successions throughout the year, a profusion of large, tubular, fiery, orange, red flowers with yellow veins. Unlike other Brugmansias these are not scented but the outrageously exotic coloration, more intense and vibrant than any other of the genus compensates for this.
Also known as Datura this is the plant used in Shamanism as an hallucinogen. It is highly toxic and must not be ingested but we have it good faith that falling asleep next to a flower results in 'interesting' dreams.
Brugmansias may be placed outdoors in summer but require a frost-free conservatory or greenhouse in winter. They require copious amounts of water and feed during the growing season. Although they are usually cultivated in a pot, they do not resent root disturbance and may be planted in the ground in summer and lifted in late autumn - even large specimens.
Height 3m. Spread 2m.

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