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Hang and mount a houseplant workshop

Saturday 21st September  - Urban Jungle Norfolk - 10am
Saturday 28th September – Urban Jungle Suffolk - 2pm

These mounted plants are rugged and elegant, and make a truly stunning addition to the home. Mounted on wood with moss they add textural living art to any wall, door, or upright feature in your home or garden. 

Mature varieties of Stag Horn Fern appreciate being mounted and hung, as this most closely represents their natural growing environment. These epiphytes can grow to massive proportions, using the roots to hold them in place whilst absorbing nutrients from water in the air and misting. 

Join the Nursery Team for a 90-minute workshop in the Jungle and learn how to create your own unique living art installation, with coffee and cake. We'll provide the wood, moss, twine, tools and a selection of houseplants to choose from in perfecting your hanging masterpiece, ready to mount when you arrive home. 

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Mounting Plants Workshop

Mounting Plants Workshop

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