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FREE for Nursery and Cafe customers, 10-midday
Tuesday 28th May, Urban Jungle Suffolk
Thursday 30th May, Urban Jungle Norfolk

The ancient craft of Origami literally translated, means 'paper' 'folding', however we think its more like paper magic...

Origami consists of folding a single sheet of square, coloured paper into a beautiful sculpture without using scissors, glue, tape or any markings at all!

During the May holidays, visit the Jungle and learn to create these wonderful masterpieces with Claree fairy, including birds, butterflies, frogs and lots of other critters. 

origami drop in workshop

origami drop in workshop

origami drop in workshop

Suitable for ages 4 -14. Some creations are more suited to the younger children, whilst we have some more intricate designs for those older ones that might be feeling more adventurous!

Maximum of 2 per child. Spaces are limited in the tent to 10 children throughout the morning, so leave plenty of time just in case you need to wait a few minutes for a space to become available. 

This is free to attend for our Nursery and Cafe customers only. 

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