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(Canary Island date palm)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family Arecaceae
Originating from Canary Is.

A reasonably fast growing feather palm, originally from the Canary Islands, where the leaves are still used to decorate houses on Palm Sunday.
Unfortunately wild populations on the Islands are sparse, however it is now widely cultivated throughout the rest of the world. They are used extensively for large landscaping projects and line boulevards the world over. They are even being used more frequently in public spaces in the UK and there is a particularly fine example in a windswept spot in Norwich City centre, which is positively thriving.
Phoenix canariensis has a single trunk, pineapple-shaped when young, elongating and becoming covered in leaf scars with age, and produces massive, arching dark green, pinnate fronds, up to 6m long with very large and sharp spines near their bases. Phoenix canariensis needs to be handled with care!
These palms can tolerate dry conditions, sun or shade, extreme heat and frosts to -8 degrees centigrade and wind, salt and pollution - just a few of the reasons why it is one of the worlds most widely cultivated palms.
Young plants need winter protection.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 12m
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