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Pseudosasa japonica - 15Ltr
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Plant Details

Evergreen?: Yes
Hardiness  Fully hardy - requires no frost protection.

(Arrow bamboo)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family Poaceae
Originating from Japan and S. Korea

Where you have the space, this bamboo is an exceptional beauty with large, glossy, dark green leaves (the largest of any of the taller bamboos) and looks extremely tropical and jungly.
Upright in habit, the leaves arch elegantly from the branches and the persistent leaf sheaths add interest to the culms. It is one of the easiest of bamboos to please and is tolerant of a wide range of conditions including dry soil, salt-laden winds and shade.
This bamboo is capable of wandering so it should only be planted where it won't create a nuisance, or alternatively surrounded by rhizome barrier.
Grow in sun or part shade.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 3-6m

Spread 2-4m
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