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£10.99  Xanthosoma mafaffa 'Lime Zinger' - 9cm pot    

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Xanthosoma mafaffa 'Lime Zinger' - 9cm pot
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Plant Details

Soil Type: Boggy, Fertile/moist/well-drained
Soil PH: Alkaline Acid
Seasonal Interest: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Hardiness  Tender - will tolerate no frost or prolonged cold. Over-winter in heated greenhouse or conservatory.
(Elephant Ear)
Family Araceae
Originating from Tropical America

Closely related to similar-looking Alocasia and Colocasia plants, with their dramatic gold-to-lime-green elephant ear foliage.
Grow in bright filtered light, too much shade can make the leaves become green rather than gold, to much sun can burn the leaves. Rich, well drained soil, with frequent watering, feed weekly when in growth with a high nitrogen liquid feed, alternatively use slow release pellets.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 2m

Spread 2m
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