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(syn. Lemon and Lime)
(Tree ivy)
  (Award of Garden Merit)

Family Araliacaea
Garden origin

A handsome evergreen shrub or small tree that is a cross between Fatsia (Castor oil plant) and Hedera (Ivy). Striking large, palmate, glossy dark green leaves with bold, golden variegation up to 25cm across. In autumn it produces panicles of green/white flowers. Very architectural and also makes a great houseplant.
Indispensable in shaded, woodland gardens where few other shrubs will grow. Regular pruning will result in a bushy shrub or it can be allowed to grow against a wall or fence. It may even be trained into a small tree.
Grow in fertile moist but well-drained soil in shade/part shade. Tolerant of pollution and salt spray.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 2m
Spread 3m
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