Acacia melanoxylon

Acacia melanoxylon

Australian blackwood


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Family Fabaceae
Originating from S Australia

A tree that quickly forms an architectural shape, as this species does, is invaluable in gardens. The ‘Blackwood’ does this in style with slightly silvery green leaves, held in a dense canopy like crown and a spectacular floral display in early spring. Its golden, heavily scented, pea-sized, flowers. are set off against the darker foliage and followed by pea-like small tan coloured seed pods. This?? fast-growing, medium-sized evergreen tree has attractively marked silver-grey bark, long and slender mature leaves, the juvenile foliage visible on young plants or on re growth after pruning is markedly different – being fine and feathery in character. Famous for its timber which has been extensively used for quality specialist furniture timber since European settlement.

This is an adaptable and easily grown tree that can be shaped and prevented from developing into its potentially tree-like mature shape. Pruning should be carried out in spring, immediately after flowering if you wish to control the plant’s form.The ‘Blackwood’ is tolerant of a wide range of soils from clay to sand, poor to reasonably fertile in nutrients. Care should be taken when siting such a fast-growing tree; it will grow towards the light and may lean if planted with deep shade to one side of its position. Staking is advisable if the young plant is in an exposed windy positon. The ideal setting for this tree is in full sun with some shelter from cold north and easterly winds.

Approximate height and spread after 10 years 5x4m



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