Actinidia deliciosa ‘Boskoop’

Actinidia deliciosa ‘Boskoop’

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Family Actinidiaceae
Originating from East Asia

A handsome and fast growing deciduous climber with large, dark green, heart-shaped leaves and stems covered in red, fuzzy hairs. Scented, cream coloured, cup-shaped flowers are produced in summer followed by fruits in autumn.
Actinidia is grown not only for its ornamental value but also for its luscious, juicy, egg-shaped fruits, rich in Vitamin C. ‘Boskoop’ is a self-pollinating variety.
Actinidia deliciosa has proven to be a very hardy plant, growing in a fully exposed area at the nursery but the protection of a warm wall will give a higher yield of fruit. Fruits forming should be thinned. We don’t recommended it as a conservatory climber due its vigour and the unpleasant smell of the leaves on a warm summer’s day, barely noticeable outdoors, but unacceptable inside.
Grow in moist but well-drained neutral to acid soil. It dislikes very chalky soils.

Height and spread after 2 – 3 years 3m x 2m
Semi mature height and spread after 6 – 8 years if not pruned 6m x 4m
Mature height and spread after 10 – 12 years 10m x 4m


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