Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple

Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple

Purple African Lily


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Family Amaryllidaceae
Garden origin

  • Rich, dark evergreen strap-shaped leaves, form a compact clump.
  • Large globes of rich velvety purple flowers are held on stout stems.
  • Easy to grow in full sun and free draining soil and in pots.

The finest purple agapanthus, with compact basal rosettes of broad and stout strap-shaped deciduous leaves, with a dark grey-green hue, that gives the plant a strong visual impact at its base. The thick and sturdy flowering stems emerge in midsummer and provide excellent support for the flowers, elevating them well above the foliage, which forms a lush, dense, slowly spreading clump, about 25cm tall, beneath the profusion of blooms.

The rich dusky purple globe-shaped flowers are composed of many individual trumpet-shaped blooms, emerging as dark purple buds alongside fully open trumpets, giving each flower head a two-tone richness of colour. Notably, the slightly open globe of blooms shows off their long tubular form. ‘Poppin Purple’ generates numerous flowering stems, resulting in a continuous succession of blooms that can persist for over a month. After flowering, large green seed pods develop, gradually maturing to a tan colour, contributing to an architectural display that extends into late autumn.

Few plants encapsulate the essence of Mediterranean style as effectively as the African Lily. Its upright blooms infuse an architectural statement into any garden style, making it equally fitting for contemporary, coastal, and traditional English gardens. The rich coloration of this variety contrasts perfectly with silver-leaved plants such as olives and yuccas, as well as with the vibrant oranges and yellows of Heleniums and Rudbeckias.

For optimal growth, plant this agapanthus in full sun and well-draining soil. It also excels in pots. To safeguard the large fleshy bulbs during winter, consider applying a protective mulch.

Height and spread after 2 – 5 years 80cm x 80cm.



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