Aralia elata

Aralia elata

Japanese angelica tree


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Family Araliaceae
Originating from E. Asia.

  • An elegant large deciduous shrub with feather shaped leaves
  • Produces large creamy white flowers loved by pollinators
  • Easy and fast growing in woodland or full sun positions

A large deciduous shrub with elegant poise and stunningly detailed leaf structure. The large feather-shaped (bipinnate) leaves are a rich dark green colour, turning pink and then red in the autumn, borne on upright spiky branches. Looking at home in sunnier parts of jungle style gardens, or in woodland and traditional English gardens, the Angelica tree’s much branched framework holds the abundant, stiffly downswept leaves in a graceful wide spreading form.

Large flower panicles are produced in summer, lasting well into autumn and are creamy white, with the same colour progression as the foliage; turning from creamy white to pink/burgundy as they mature, followed by black berries. Pollinators love the flowers, just as they are to those of its close relation, our native ivy. Seen best in its own space, in full sun or dappled shade. Easy to grow in any soil, but best in moisture retentive woodland conditions.

Semi mature height after 5 – 6 years 2.5m x 2m
Height and spread after 8 – 10 years 4m x 4m.


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