Bergenia ‘Harzkristall’

Bergenia ‘Harzkristall’

Elephant's ears 'Harzkristall'


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Family Saxifragaceae
Originating from Central Asia.

  • Forms a lush, dense, and compact carpet of rounded evergreen leaves.
  • Striking white/rose pink flushed spikes of flowers appear in spring.
  • Easy to grow in challenging conditions areas such as dry shade or full sun.

A particularly compact Bergenia, producing glossy, rounded evergreen foliage with a slightly serrated edge that makes a ground-covering carpet. The leaves emerge from slowly spreading rhizomes that will colonize areas in time, making an invaluable backdrop for other woodland plants, in areas where few other species will, especially with evergreen foliage.

Its pale pink flowers are flushed with deeper rose pink and are surrounded by dark maroon sepals at the base of each bloom, making an eye-catching contrast with the petals. Each bell-shaped bloom has a wide flared mouth, revealing the stamens and bright green tipped anther within, also with maroon flushed stems, and coated with pollen, much loved by early season pollinators. The stout inflorescences bear numerous individual flowers and buds, that develop over many weeks to produce a long-lasting display. They hold the flowers well above the compact rosette-like flushes of leaves and have the same slightly darker maroon colouration.

This lovely variety, with so much detail in its floral display warrants planting where it can be admired at close quarters. It is easy to grow in any soil type, even in dry shade under mature trees once established, making it invaluable for woodland, traditional English, and particularly jungle-style gardens where it completes the ‘forest floor’ effect very well.

Height and spread after 2 – 5 years 20cm x 30cm, (flower spikes add another 15cm in height).


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