Callistemon ‘Injune’

Callistemon ‘Injune’

Pink Weeping Bottlebrush


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Family Myrtaceae
Originating from Australia

One might think that a silver and pink colour combination would be subtle, but this Bottle Brush is anything but! The massive floral display is held in a fountain-like cascade of silver leafed branches. The shade of pink is intense and appears more so against the foliage. The pink colour is unique amongst the Callistemons we can grow outside in the UK, and the long slender shape of the flowers – formed of masses of stamens, is distinctive too. This very showy display of soft yet vibrant pink is improved yet again as it is offset by the new foliage that is covered in soft downy hairs, giving the leaves a silver sheen in spring. The weeping form of this spectacular plant is a further asset in planting compositions as is its tendency to repeat flower; with the main display in early summer before other bottle brushes, then later in autumn going into winter. Possibly one of the hardiest Callistemons and very easy to grow. The only special requirement may be some support for the main stems when the plant is young to help it carry the weight of abundant foliage and flowers.
Grow in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Will tolerate poor dry soil once established.

Height and spread after 4 – 5 years 2m x 2m
Semi mature height and spread after 8 – 10 years if not pruned 3m x 2.5m



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