Coreopsis Mango Punch = ‘Rp5’ (Punch Series)

Coreopsis Mango Punch = ‘Rp5’ (Punch Series)

Tickseed Mango Punch


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Family Asteraceae
Originating from N, C & S America

This is a classy low-growing, mound-forming perennial with many qualities; its slender bright green foliage makes a cheerful addition to the lower levels of a planting composition, even before we consider the fantastic flowers, whose buds are a burgundy colour before they open. They make a rich colour scheme combined with the already open flowers which are a deep golden hue of yellow and turn gradually to orange nearer the petal’s outer edge. The centres of the flowers are a deep burgundy cluster of stamens too. This fantastic display can last all summer on a plant that is robust, and tolerant of poor soil and dry conditions. Attractive to pollinating insects.
Grow in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Will tolerate poor dry soil once established.

Height and spread after 1 – 2 years 40 x 40cm



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